What patients are covered in Sweden Patient prices

The fee for a hospital stay is highest SEK 100 daily. Patient prices for primary care differ between SEK 100 and 300 based upon the county council. For expert visits, there’s a maximum fee of SEK 400.

A patient never need to pay over a total of SEK 1,100 at the span of a year to get medical consultations; in just 12 weeks any consultations surpassing the SEK 1,100 are at no cost. There’s a similar ceiling for prescription drugs, so no one pays over SEK 2,200 at a specified 12-month period.
Common medical care

Three of those county councils: Halland, Skåne and Västra Götaland — also as Gotland municipality — are known as regional councils and have assumed responsibility for regional development from the nation.

Approximately 90 percent of the job of Swedish county councils concerns healthcare, but they also deal with different areas like infrastructure and culture.

Sweden’s municipalities are accountable to take care of the elderly in the house or in particular accommodation. Their responsibilities also include care for those who have physical disabilities or emotional ailments and providing services and support for individuals released from hospital care in addition to for college medical care. Chronic diseases that need treatment and monitoring, and frequently lifelong medication, place substantial demands on the system.

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