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Health in Sweden is just part of large Civil movement in the World called Health Movement (HM) which aims actions against unpopular medical programs and techniques in all Health Systems across the world.

This is is our Sweden initiative on so this not means that we don’t aim World Health System.

We are in process of expanding [although we are USA based and soon will promote our HM brand on the online sky in the USA.]

We constantly seek supporters ,members volunteers and all other who have any capacity to promote us,inform us and help us in bottom line.

But this not means that we will not invest in future of increasing self awareness for own health then health of others at some individuals constantly seeking personas with great capability and mind to become part of our leadership in our movement.

We aim to support all who needs help but also seek helps from all in the world to show us flaws ,mistakes even to give us proposal how to become better.

And, in an additional satisfying effort, we are outside with an annual scholarship program, worth $1000, that will assist the creative minds come to the fore and bring their gift to the whole world.

With this particular scholarship program, we are attempting to burn off the bridge between the entire world.

What is our goal supporting this?

Straightforward, to appreciate and promote the abilities searching for a platform to develop.

And, bring the very best of innovative potential into the entire world.

We are helping these pupils in whichever small way we could.


You need to write a 2000 words essay on ‘Health in Your Country’ – informative, unique and enlightening.

We’re accepting the entrances from January 15, 2018 and also the final date for entry is September 30, 2018.

A interested parties can only send 1 entry for our evaluation.

Submission Procedure:

Write the article and apply it as a doc file. Add reference hyperlinks too. Email your bit to us in [email protected] along with your personal details cited in a legible font.

It must include your own name, correspondence address and contact number.

Your entry must carry a proof which you’re analyzing in these and school/college/university.

Winner and Award Our site will display the title of the winner as well as the successive particulars regarding him.

If you believe you’ve it in you, take part NOW.

We are hopeful of some awesome entries this moment.

For any question, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.

NOTE:We deserve the right if we get more quality entries aside winner of the scholarship of 1000$ to grant and give on additional of max 3 students /undergraduates scholarship of 700$.